Carpet Remnant 12"x13" Chain of Events (Per Sq. Yard)

Product details:

Style: Chain of Events

Color: COE13

Actual size: 12"x13"

SKU: 13121920


Construction: Textured Loop Pattern

Yarn Content: Avalar® RE Nylon

Dye Method: Solution Dye

Machine Gauge: 1/10 in

Stitch Count: 12.3 S.P.I

Average Density: 5,596

Finished Pile Thickness: 0.193 in

Yarn Weight Tufted: 30 oz/yd

Secondary Backing: Woven Polypropylene

Width: 12 ft

Lenght: 13 ft

Pattern Repeat: 1.8" W x 0.7" L  


Static Control: Less Than 3.5 K.V. Step

Flame Resistance Passes: (DOC FF-1-70)

Radiant Panel: Class 1 (ASTM E-648)

Smoke Density: Less Than 450 (ASTM E-662)

Soil Resistance: Commercial Anti-Soil Protection

Stain Resistance: Commercial Stain Protection

CRI Green Label Plus: Certification# GLP7078

Environmental Proud member of the EPA's Green Power Partnership

Odor Reduction: Puralex®

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