Wall Trim Projolly Marble Rigid Vinyl Resin Real PJMB10 Yellow Baige

Product specifications:

Manufacturer Progress Profiles
Item number PJMB10
Color Real Yellow Beige
H 3/8" (10mm)
Lenght 8.85"


PROJOLLYECO MARBLE is a range of decorative products covered with a strong marbled PVC film in various finishes: white (Carrara) marble, green (Guatemalan) marble, beige (royal yellow) marble, blue marble, pink (Portuguese) marble, green (aquamarine) marble, light and dark travertine, in normal and shaded-off versions. PROJOLLY MARBLE facilitates installation, eliminating the fragile ceramic trim in completing the finish of wall coverings, decking, bathtubs, etc. It strengthens the tile edge, thereby preventing chipping and breakages. Excellent resistance. Impeccable, precise work is ensured with a superior aesthetic effect, to be combined with PROLISTEL MARBLE.


Wall Trim price per piece

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