Flooring to Fit Your Style

December 18, 2018

Flooring to Fit Your Style

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Flooring to Fit Your Style

If you’re planning to replace some or all the floors in your home, you’ll want to pick the perfect flooring fit, considering you may be living with your choice for the next several decades. 

New flooring can also be a significant investment, especially if you opt for high-end materials. No matter what you choose to upgrade to, purchasing your materials from a reputable retailer that offers competitive deals on high-quality flooring material, such as Floors Etc. Outlet, will provide you with a huge selection along with unbeatable convenience. Flooring is a long-term investment when it comes to your home’s looks and livability, so cost shouldn’t be your only consideration.


Flooring Factors

 Indeed, you should think about factors from family allergies to aesthetic preferences. For instance, dust, dirt, and allergens can be trapped in carpet fibers, so carpeting may not be the best choice if allergies are an issue. If you have your heart set on plush floor surfaces, it will be critical to your family’s health to invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to eliminate these particles from your carpet. Of course, as with flooring, price shouldn’t be your only criteria for choosing the model that’s best for you, so be sure to take a look at online reviews before purchasing one. If allergies affect any of your family members and you’re not married to the idea of carpet, you may love the look of wood flooring so much that it’s worth splurging on (it tends to be one of the costliest options).

 The rooms where the flooring will be installed and how easy it is to clean and maintain will also be primary considerations for most homeowners. For instance, durable and low-maintenance laminate flooring might be a good option for a kitchen remodel, or you might want to consider slip-resistant flooring for your bathroom.

 If you’re considering putting in the floor yourself, ease of installation might be a factor. Options such as sheet vinyl and laminate are relatively easy to install yourself compared with some other flooring types, and installing the floor yourself will help cut costs. On the other hand, if you opt for carpet or solid wood floors, you may be better off hiring a pro with the specialized tools and techniques to do the job properly.


Eco-Friendly Options 

If you prefer environmentally-conscious materials, consider cork. Not only is this floor covering a “green” option, it has other perks, including its durability and cushiony feel underfoot. Plus, cork flooring tiles offer a non-slip surface that makes them a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

 Bamboo is another eco-friendly flooring option because, among other factors, the plants used to produce it reach maturity quickly. Like cork, it is a highly durable material. It also resists swelling and shrinking with changes in humidity.


Personalized Picks 

If you really want flooring to suit your style, you might want to consider unique options or additions to traditional materials. For instance, some homeowners are choosing flooring that was once reserved for commercial spaces. Stained concrete can be both beautiful and budget friendly. Rubber flooring can be a colorful and creative option (especially if it includes textures and patterns) throughout the home, and it is durable, resists water, and can help you maintain your footing. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and has sound-insulating qualities that might make it an ideal choice for a child’s playroom.

 You and your installer can also use traditional flooring material to create patterns that make your floor feel truly special. For instance, tile can be laid in patterns and designs. Patterns can also be created by using different types, textures, and colors of hardwood. Those with artistic aptitude who have patience and a plan might even consider painting patterns on hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors to create a one-of-a-kind look.

 No matter what your space and style dictates, you’ll likely have plenty of options to find a flooring fit. Make sure to take the factors we’ve listed into account before choosing your next floor.

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