Home Renovation: DIY or Hire It Out?

August 31, 2021

Home Renovation: DIY or Hire It Out?

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Home renovations are great opportunities to update your home and increase its value, but there are a lot of options out there. Depending on what you want to accomplish, some renovation projects are easy to do yourself, while others will require professional help. Some renovations may also have more impact than others on the resale value and appearance of your home.

Floors Etc. Outlet has some tips and advice on which projects are best for DIY, which ones may require hiring a pro, and the impact of these repairs.

Rehabbing for a Better Home Sale

There are many different projects that you can do if you're selling your home and want to increase its value and improve your chances of a successful sale. Typically, more expensive renovations will contribute more to the value of your home, but not always. Inexpensive changes can also prove to be a great bang for your buck.

Inexpensive Repair Ideas

For inexpensive repairs, consider quick bathroom repairs and easy kitchen updates. Completely overhauling the bathroom or kitchen can be pricey, but adding a new sink, toilet, and faucets will only take an afternoon. Go for a sleek, modern design. If you aren't sure how to do it, these tasks can usually be completed with a quick YouTube video tutorial.

When tackling an easy bathroom update like painting, remember not to go overboard with the colors. You want to keep your buyers in mind. They may have a different style that isn't as flashy. You don't want to deter buyers with jarring or overly unique colors.

Painting walls and cabinet doors are two more inexpensive updates to the kitchen that make a big impact that just about anyone can do on their own.

Projects That Will Maximize Value

Of course, there are also plenty of more expensive projects that can directly increase your home's resale value. The majority of these will likely require a professional.

Here are some of our biggest bang for your buck improvements:

  • Updating flooring — shop Floors Etc. Outlet for flooring supplies and materials
  • Adding tile backsplashes
  • Tiling your shower space
  • New windows
  • New roof
  • Finishing a basement
  • New or updated fencing

If your property is in need of any of these larger projects, your best bet will be connecting with local contractors in your area — fencing companies, for example. Before meeting with contractors to get a quote and discuss your needs, you can evaluate companies by reading reviews online.

A helpful service like Angi is where you can find reviews on local pros and get in touch with them for free. You can also use this tool to get a rough estimate of your project, as well. This is very helpful to know before talking with contractors. Get quotes from at least three different pros before making a decision. Here's a quick example: Homeowners spend $4,500 on average to install a new fence. The cost will depend on the materials, size of the fence, and where it's being installed. Also, when deciding on a fence installer, make sure they're licensed and insured and aware of underground utility lines.

This kind of due diligence applies to most major projects.

All in All, Home Renovations Are a Great Idea to Boost Value

There are many options to choose from when it comes to increasing the value of your property. Remember, there are plenty of cheaper projects that can also make a big impact on your home. We hope these tips will help you decide which project is best for you!

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