The Best Kitchen Floor Tiles

August 08, 2017

The Best Kitchen Floor Tiles


Ceramic Kitchen Tile

Any area of your home which experiences high traffic like the living room or kitchen could benefit from ceramic kitchen tiles. These come in a choice of matte finish or glossy finish and are on hand in diverse colors. These types of tiles could still look amazing many years after you set them up, and their toughness is one of their benefits.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tiles are likely to cost over than ceramic tiles, even if they have basically similar features and qualities. One benefit of this type of tile is that chips and scratches are not noticeable.

Natural Stone - Granite 

Stone kitchen tiles which are made from granite are best as they don’t stain. Granite is also regarded as a stylish addition to most homes and is very popular as of the diverse color patterns.  Even if it is durable, it so easy to scratch it with sand particles and quartz, meaning that it is essential to keep a granite floor clean.


If you are searching for non-slipper tiles, then it is the best choice and slate is also hard and long lasting. They don’t need lots of care and aren’t easily harmed when coffee and soda is spilled. These are on hand in a limited range of shades, even if these are frequently mixed for better effect.


This is undeniably attractive as well as stylish and when you are searching for something unique, this may be the best choice. But, glass is very expensive and you have to ensure you are setting up a non-slip kitchen floor tiles made of glass.


This kind of tiles are available in diverse shades which takes account of gold, brown and cream and are usually considered trendy and attractive. But, this variety of limestone is so easy to stain. Travertine which is polished could become slipper, making the best and most excellent option for kitchen floor tile in home with kids.


 Important Things to Consider


Toughness or Durability

When durability is a problem to you, you must put off certain other kinds of materials like rubber kitchen floor tiles, laminate floor tiles kitchen, terracotta floor tiles kitchen as well as vinyl kitchen floor tiles. Terracotta kitchen floor tiles can be harmed by moisture even if it surely looks elegant as wel as attractive. Once your kitchen experiences high traffic you need to protect your floor against recurrent spills, natural stone kitchen floor tile is the best option, followed by ceramic and then porcelain tile.

Anti Slip Features

Spills and accidents are common in the kitchen, which make the best material essential when you are searching for anti-slip kitchen tiles. Durability and slipperiness are perhaps the biggest factors when selecting the best tiles for the kitchen floor, even if you want a material which goes along your current color scheme and of course style. You may need to select interlocking kitchen floor tiles.

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